Dug up from our old archives, we bring you the MusicBox Rack. This Rack is a Round-Robin sequencer. You can program up to 16 steps that are consecutively played by triggering C1. This means you can play a whole sequence with a single note. The Rack has been used in the past for things like playing melodies from drum pads, foot pedals and buttons.musicbox16– Click here to download the Rack

Max For Live Collection

Sixteen Macros

Save and Recall 64 banks of parameters that can be controlled from 16 Dials. This means you can control up to 1024 parameters using just 16 Dials that can be controlled with your MIDI or OSC controller.

Clip Mapper

Map a clip to one of 64 Preset Slots. When a mapped clip is triggered, the number of that preset slot is sent out to a parameter of your choice.
It was designed to work with the Sixteen Macros device, so that you can control a specific set of parameters when a specific clip is triggered. An example set can be accessed from the lesson that is included with this pack.

Sixteen Macros and Clip Mapper

Snapshot Morpher

Save and Recall up to 8 presets of any 16 parameters in your Live Set. If you enter Morph mode, you can Morph between all 8 (or just a few) of these presets using an XY Pad. This is a performance effect so you can even go nuts by tweaking the XY controls with an effect like an LFO.

Snapshot Morpher

This pack also includes a few Audio Effect Rack presets that show this device in action, you can find these presets in the Audio Effect Racks folder.

Morph Panel

MIDI Note Editor

When this device is loaded onto a MIDI Track, it will allow you to edit the clips on that track.
The device is an attempt at copying the behavior of the Logic Note Editor.
The time division for the position and length is Bars – Beats – 16th – Ticks. With a resolution of 240 Ticks per 16th.

Events are always sorted in chronological order, so when you change the position of a note, the list will update.
The speed of the editor has been limited to prevent MIDI Feedback loops.

MIDI Note Editor

Free Live Pack– Click here to download the Live Pack.

Covert Kits Metal

Free Live Pack

Covert Kits Metal is a free collection of 36 samples created with the Collision, Corpus, Tension and Operator instruments. The samples are very useful for when you want to add some sounds with a metallic ring to your drum kits.

We also added 5 Drum Racks with 16 sounds each to give some nice examples of how these sounds can be abused. And since the Impulse instrument hasn’t seen a lot of love lately, we also added 10 Dry Impulse Kits.

The Covert Operators are not responsible for cuts and bruises endured by handling these sounds.

Free Live Pack– Click here to download the Live Pack.

AMS Waveforms 1

AMS Waveforms

This is a free collection of Ableton Meta Sound files.
If you don’t know what these files are, they are covered in great detail in our articles on AMS files. But to save you some time: AMS files are short Waveforms that can be created as text files manually or with the Operator which can then be loaded into Sampler or Simpler as samples.

This pack contains 4 Waveforms which are available at 128 different note frequencies. Each file for a waveform has slightly different harmonics.

Live 8.1 is a minimum requirement. The Waveforms can be loaded into Simpler, Sampler and Operator.

ALP File– Download AMS Waveforms 1 (262 kb)

The Covert Seq

The Covert Seq is arguably the most complex MIDI Effect Rack ever made. And if you do not already own it, today is your lucky day! To celebrate Ableton’s 10th anniversary and our own 5th anniversary, we are giving away this project to every Live user owning Live 6 or a higher version.

This Rack is a fully functional and MIDI controllable Step Sequencer made out of a combination of Dummy Clips and Ableton’s MIDI Effects. For more details on how to actually build such a device, please check out this video.

– Click here to download The Covert Seq

We also have a few videos to tell you more about this device and how to operate it.

The Covert Seq – The Global Controls from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo.

The Covert Seq – Programming the Steps from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo.

The Covert Seq – The Pattern Section from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo.

The Covert Seq – Creating patterns and Presets from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo.