PK [Squared]

Hi friends, now we’ve finally gotten round to finishing the PK Squared app – it’s been simplified, we’ve added Mackie Control Support and made it an all-round pleasing experience for y’all.

  • The lights now behave “properly”; when a note is on in Live the light stays on. If you go to a different octave range or midi channel the pad lighting will respond to the notes coming from there.
  • The Encoder now transmits midi,
  • The Knob assign 1 and 2 buttons are used to select octave/channel (like one would have on a regular keyboard)
  • SCENE, MESSAGE, Fixed Velocity, Prog Change, Hold, Flam, Roll buttons all output midi
  • The X/Y field doesn’t reset when you release it anymore.
  • The Pedal input is hard-wired to sustain. No messing about.
  • The Parameter section now navigates the session view by using Mackie Control Emulation, and you can show hide browser, clip view from the x/y/ buttons while controlling undo/redo from the pedal and setting buttons.
  • App automatically saves its midi input/output settings: set and forget!
The development of this application has stopped on the account of the CovOps not actually using and owning a PadKontrol anymore. Therefore we have released the source code for anybody to tinker with. This isn’t the finished application, its a collection of little bits of programming that allow communication with the PadKontrol.