Max For Live Collection

Sixteen Macros

Save and Recall 64 banks of parameters that can be controlled from 16 Dials. This means you can control up to 1024 parameters using just 16 Dials that can be controlled with your MIDI or OSC controller.

Clip Mapper

Map a clip to one of 64 Preset Slots. When a mapped clip is triggered, the number of that preset slot is sent out to a parameter of your choice.
It was designed to work with the Sixteen Macros device, so that you can control a specific set of parameters when a specific clip is triggered. An example set can be accessed from the lesson that is included with this pack.

Sixteen Macros and Clip Mapper

Snapshot Morpher

Save and Recall up to 8 presets of any 16 parameters in your Live Set. If you enter Morph mode, you can Morph between all 8 (or just a few) of these presets using an XY Pad. This is a performance effect so you can even go nuts by tweaking the XY controls with an effect like an LFO.

Snapshot Morpher

This pack also includes a few Audio Effect Rack presets that show this device in action, you can find these presets in the Audio Effect Racks folder.

Morph Panel

MIDI Note Editor

When this device is loaded onto a MIDI Track, it will allow you to edit the clips on that track.
The device is an attempt at copying the behavior of the Logic Note Editor.
The time division for the position and length is Bars – Beats – 16th – Ticks. With a resolution of 240 Ticks per 16th.

Events are always sorted in chronological order, so when you change the position of a note, the list will update.
The speed of the editor has been limited to prevent MIDI Feedback loops.

MIDI Note Editor

Free Live Pack– Click here to download the Live Pack.

17 thoughts on “Max For Live Collection

  1. Hi, amaziing thx thx for sharing ..
    now function how Mr. Henke had for monodeck amazing….really wow
    please I hope you can tell me how update the Sixteen macro device under Ableton (8.3.4….. under Windos 7 64 bit & max 5 ) .
    the Controller Led indikator of APc or other Controller dont update the status of Sixteen macros when a clip is triggert in the example file .
    Only the last two macros 7 & 8 udate the status and the controller
    Debbugger tells a message:

    :midi_mme:error 7 openingmidi imput Apc 40.

    wfg J3H

    • Hi Jacky,

      That is weird. I’m planning to do some updates soon. I’ll see if this can be fixed.
      Does this happen only with Control Surfaces? Or does it happen with MIDI Learn too?

      – Bjorn

      • Hi,
        Sry and wow ..
        Thx for the answer I add you at twitter..
        So the manuell midi mapping I have now not testet..
        But I neat my Apc or Livid Code …with the controller I can switch around the tracks
        And select automaticly sixteen macros..
        A dream and amazing …

      • This is incredible thank you for sharing. For Snapshot Morpher, is there anyway to save and morph between global snapshots rather than just 16 macros? Imagining something like Kapture but with global snapshot morphing on an XY grid. Would this be an easy option to implement? The whole morph interface is brilliant btw.

  2. Very nice work. Using the snapshot morpher, I noticed that when you move the circle representing x and y in morph mode, if you position it on the node’s center, sound cuts off. Also, and maybe this is a consequence of this, it happens that you move the nodes without doing it on purpose. So maybe that would be possible to also use a modifier key to move the nodes ?
    Mbp 2 x 2,4 ghz osx 10.6.8 Live 8.3.4 Max 6.08 snapshot manager 2.0.22

  3. Hi,
    I testet a,lot of set up of controller Apc 40 alone or two,
    Livid Code one or two Novation remote sl, Launchpad ,or even only One.
    But the Led s don t update corect when clips are is triggert.

    Wfg Jacky

    Loving the 16 Macros and its flexibility. I haven’t even looked at the Clip Mapper & Morpher. Thats gonna take it up a level. Question. When mapping lots of paras from different channels across a set what is the best way to save so that everything stays as it should. I’ve been grouping any channels that are mapped to 16 MACROS then cut/copy the 16 Macros instrument into the group channel and save the group as an als file. It seems to keep the consistency and everything is mapped as it was. when I drag that into a new set. I’d love to have some dialogue about what these devices are capable of and what ways it could be used for a live performance. Email me if you have any thoughts about these game changing plug ins.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comments.
      You can drop .als files in Live Sets. So you can basically use anything you’ve set up in advance. Provided everthing fits in one file. Be it sets or presets.


      – Bjorn

      • Ive been having a nightmare. I created loads of cool, complex and not so complex racks using 16Macros and grouped everything being careful to save correctly but they’re all making my system crash when I load any of them. XPsp3/AL 8.2.2/M4L 5. I’m gonna have to forget about them which is killing me after seeing the potential. Dont shut the door on me pleaseeeee.

  5. any chance on updating the mfl collection, like mu.buffershuffler after the live9 release?

    your devices rock & make things a lot easier!

  6. Hi,
    Would be great to see the max devices in 9 runing !
    Man I testet so many different kinds of Controller livid I. CNTRL:R, Code Apc 40 & 20 on Mac 13 ,,15 zoll, & Pc desktop win 7 .
    but sixteen macros will not work corect.. I hope really I can see the devices in live 9 runing.. devices to make it solid..usable for all Ableton cntrl: lovers..
    Start a Projekt .,my donation you have..
    _ _
    Wfg J3H

  7. I’m noticing rediculous CPU usage in Live 9. I may have to rewrite it in a 32 and 64 bit version. Hopefully I don’t have to replace a lot.

    For the people with issues with controller feedback, I’ll notify you when there is a new version. Maybe we can run a short beta to make sure it works on the different types of controllers out there.

  8. Hello !

    Amazing work ! i’v plant to learn m4l just for make a similar device (8 macro assignable to anything) but you did it ! x)

    Unfortunetly, i’m on live 9 now, and the macros work very weirdly whit any midi controler i’v used, in native device control and in midi map, same result, that’s work, but not really, some value “block” wen mouved too fast, not really usable. x(

    I really hope a live 9 version ! x)

    Sorry for my very bad english.

    • there will be a Live 9 version. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time now. Hope to do it this spring.
      I also want to include support for displaying text on Push, Mackie and Novation displays.

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