Dug up from our old archives, we bring you the MusicBox Rack. This Rack is a Round-Robin sequencer. You can program up to 16 steps that are consecutively played by triggering C1. This means you can play a whole sequence with a single note. The Rack has been used in the past for things like playing melodies from drum pads, foot pedals and buttons.musicbox16– Click here to download the Rack

6 thoughts on “Musicbox

  1. Hello,
    So glad to see you are still around. (10-1-12) Please don’t go away. I stumbled (very happily) into your postings while researching sequencing to make drum patterns. I haven’t learned the technique yet although I’m absolutely delighted with the avenues your teachings (step sequencing and Valhalla) are opening up. Thank you very much for sharing. I’ll be researching your teachings steadily. I love music and have been midi sequencing since the first Roland MC-500 with the Roland MT-32.

    • Thanks for the kind words!
      We’re not gone yet. I’m currently adding back all the articles and content.
      Already got the look and feel of the site down.
      And hopefully this thing doesn’t get hacked into oblivion again.


      – Bjorn

  2. sorry. so is there a way to midi map this so you dont have to play it with a keyboard so you could tap through a sequence with a button or a foot switch?

    btw really like this thing.

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