Slice of Winter

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The Covert Operators and Create Digital Music present Slice of Winter

– A Live Pack that contains 25 presets for Ableton Live’s Slicer.

Slice of Winter has a wide array of Slicer Racks ranging from reversible beats(!) to dubbed-out Delay Racks, so mean they come with a warning!

– Click here to download this pack


Some of these Racks have a life of their own, regardless of the sounds you feed them – Using Sends and Returns in a Drum Rack, it was possible to create some maniacal feedback loops in patches never before heard in your Ableton rig.

The presets will be installed in /Ableton/Library/Defaults/Slicer and they can be accessed from the Slicing Dialogue.

Slice of Winter from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo.

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